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Rare David Bowie Music to Be Featured in New Episode of UK Documentary Series


Credit: Jimmy KingA new documentary scheduled to air on British television in July will feature a variety of previously unreleased David Bowie recordings, NME reports. The show will be the second episode of a four-part series titled The People’s History of Pop that premiered on the BBC4 channel last month.

A BBC rep confirmed to NME that the program, which is “still being made,” will include “some rare and special Bowie material in it.”

The show’s host, Danny Baker, was given access to various rare songs by Bowie collector and biographer Kevin Cann. Among the rarities expected to be featured on the show are a demo of Bowie’s 1969 hit “Space Oddity” with alternate lyrics and a version of David’s 1967 novelty tune “The Laughing Gnome” that includes some profanity.

Another interesting track that may appear on the show is a version of the French song “Comme D’Habitude,” whose music served as the basis for the Frank Sinatra hit “My Way.” Bowie was one of several songwriters who were asked to write English lyrics to go along with the tune, although the words Paul Anka penned were the ones eventually chosen for the classic tune. David later admitted that “My Way” was an influence on his own memorable song “Life on Mars?”

The People’s History of Pop will focus on music fans’ remembrances spanning from 1956 to 1996. The second episode of the series will cover the late 1960s to the early ’70s. Other artists whose music will be featured in the show include Pink Floyd, Bob Marley and T. Rex‘s Marc Bolan. In preparing the series, the BBC asked U.K. fans to submit memorabilia they collected — including audio, video and photos — to the website BBC.co.uk/mygeneration for use in the program.

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