6am – 10am Big Daddy
10am -2pm Chopper Scott
2pm – 6pm Eric Bishop
6pm – 11pm
Sunday Morning 8am – 12noon Time Warp with Bill St. James
Sunday Night 7pm – 8pm Get The Led Out with Carol Miller
Sunday Night Encore 8pm – 12Midnight Time Warp with Bill St. James

Station Features:

If you thought time only moved forward, then join legendary host Bill St. James on a weekly journey through those awkward, growing up years of the past.  It’s TIME WARP with Bill St. James—4 hours of whacky witticisms, goofy sitcoms, cheesy commercials and..oh, yes…the greatest Classic Rock of all time!

Every week, TIME WARP through the best Classic Rock of the 60s, 70s and 80s, and all other things that made those times so much fun, James Bond, Jiffy Pop, Star Trek, Record Players, MTV!

Listen to Time Warp Sunday mornings at 8am and an encore performance at 8p Sunday nights.

When you think of Classic Rock…Led Zeppelin is the biggest name there is! Often called a “SuperGroup” the history and music of Led Zeppelin is the focus of Zeppelin Expert Carole Miller. Join Carol Miller’s Get the Led Out Sunday nights at 7PM for an hour of solid Led Zeppelin!