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B.B. King Poisoning Allegations “Baseless”


B.B. King Estate Lawyer Calls Poisoning Allegations ‘Baseless’

(Radio.com) Death is never easy to rationalize, but that’s been even more so the case than usual for B.B. King’s daughters Karen Williams and Patty King. Earlier this week, the sisters alleged that their father had been poisoned by two of his close confidants, his former business manager LaVerne Toney and assistant Myron Johnson. Their beliefs, however, aren’t shared by King’s estate lawyer Brent Bryson.

According to Bryson, those claims are “baseless and unfounded and are unsupported in reality.” The attorney defended Toney in a press statement: “Unfortunately even musical icons die. Ms. Toney did everything she could to carry out the wishes of Mr. King while he was alive, and continues to carry out Mr. King’s wishes after his death. I hope over these next few days we can focus on Mr. King’s musical gifts to the world and not fictional statements made by those seeking attention at the expense of Mr. King.”

That doesn’t change the fact though that Nevada homicide detectives are looking into the case and have conducted an autopsy. Still, Toney, who’s serving as the appointed executor of King’s estate, has provided three doctors’ statements stating that King “was monitored on a 24-hour basis by Certified Nursing Assistants” and that “no action [was] taken to hasten the demise of Mr. King,” who died “peacefully in his sleep.”

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