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Report: Eric Clapton Featured on Two New Rolling Stones Songs


Claude Gassian; Dave KaplanTwo of the greatest British rock artists of all time apparently have collaborated on some new music. According to an exclusive report in the U.K. tabloid The Sun, Eric Clapton has lent his guitar talents to a pair of songs that may end up on The Rolling Stones‘ upcoming album.

The newspaper reports The Stones asked Clapton to contribute to the album after bumping into him while they were working on the project with producer Don Was at their studio in London’s Chiswick [chissick] neighborhood.

A source close to the band tells The Sun, “Eric was in the next studio along so he came in to say hello. They ended up jamming and recorded two songs.”  The source adds Was “reckons it’s the best thing he has ever done with the Stones.”

Clapton, who recently released his own new studio album, I Still Do, previously worked with The Rolling Stones on an alternate version of the band’s classic 1971 hit “Brown Sugar” that officially was released last year as part of the expanded reissue of the Sticky Fingers album.

Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood revealed in a BBC Radio interview in April that the band had recorded a series of blues covers for its next album, included songs by Little Walter and Howlin’ Wolf. Keith Richards told The Sun around the same time that the album was “in the can.”

The aforementioned source also tells The Sun that The Rolling Stones are ready to work on another album too.

“They have decided to go back in the studio later this month because they are enjoying it so much,” the source maintains.

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