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Throat Ailment Forces Moody Blues Singer Justin Hayward to Cancel Shows


Credit: MartaPhotographerAn apparent case of laryngitis has forced The Moody BluesJustin Hayward to cancel his two solo tour dates in Oklahoma this week, which had been scheduled for Wednesday in Tulsa and tonight in Oklahoma City.

Hayward has posted a message to fans on his official website that reads, “I can’t tell you how sorry we are to have had to cancel some gigs on our tour. My deepest apologies — and know that we will be back one day to play — and that I will be back singing soon.”

The 69-year-old singer/guitarist noted that he’d had a sore throat at his two previous concerts and had been bothered by what he described as “a vicious tickle up in the larynx.”

He half-jokingly reports that in an attempt to treat the ailment he “tried every natural remedy, pill or potion known to man or woman, including an exorcising dance round the hotel room — to no avail.”

Hayward adds that when he woke up on Monday, he had no voice at all, so he went to a doctor and had an endoscopy, after which the physician reminded him that he previously had damaged his vocal cords while touring with The Moody Blues a few years ago.

Justin explains, “Now I must not even try to sing until this has moved on,” adding — with a nod to The Moody Blues song “Watching and Waiting — “I hope it won’t be very Long.”

Hayward optimistically says he’s hoping to be well enough to play his show scheduled for this Friday in Dallas. Justin’s “Stage Door” solo trek is mapped out through a June 24 concert in Mount Vernon, Washington.

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