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Billy Joel Talks Pasta, Boats and New York Pride with Gov. Andrew Cuomo


Credit: Myrna SuarezWe knew Billy Joel and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo were chummy. Cuomo presided over Joel’s wedding to Alexis Roderick last July, and he’s the godfather to their daughter, Della Rose. So who better to interview the Piano Man for a new Q&A?  

In the feature for Long Island’s BEACH magazine, the two pals talk pasta, boats and their undying love of New York.

“When I’m away from my home, I actually get homesick,” Joel tells Cuomo. “I’ve been all over the world, but everything is somewhat diminished because of the greatness of the place I came from.”

Billy, who grew up in Hicksville on Long Island, New York, and now has a home in Sag Harbor, says he loves being able to take his boat out on the water.

“I find that when I am on my boat, I am — I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m just another schmuck with a boat out on the water,” he says. “There is nothing particularly ‘celebrity’ about it; I become somewhat anonymous.”

Joel also says pasta is his favorite food and that if it was his last meal, he’d eat a “pile” of it. So what place has better pasta: New York or Italy? “Well, when I’m home and I make pasta, I make a great pasta,” he says. “I’m a pretty good chef. But when I go out to eat, I usually get better food when I’m in Italy.”

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