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Axl Rose Says He May Record New Music with Slash and Duff McKagan…and AC/DC


Brian Rasic/WireImageWhile in London this week for AC/DC‘s current tour, Axl Rose took part in a Q&A event at which he revealed that he’s considering recording some new music with his Guns N’ Roses band mates Slash and Duff McKagan, as well as with AC/DC.

“I’ve got a lot of stuff together, and I played some stuff for Slash and Duff, and they liked it,” Rose said in the interview, audio and partial video of which was posted online by a blogger who attended the event. “They might be on [the recordings]. We don’t know.”

As for the possibility of collaborating with AC/DC, the singer said, “Angus [Young] and I talked about working together. So we’ll see.”

In addition, Axl said he’d like to write an autobiography, although he admitted to being apprehensive about how other people will react to what he’d reveal in a book.

“It’s tough because I haven’t figured out how to word things in a way that doesn’t just look like I’m being negative to everybody else and calling them a liar,” he explained. Rose added that when he reconnected with Slash, he told him he was unhappy with incidents the guitarist included in his own memoir that he considered lies.

Rose also revealed during the Q&A that he would love to write the music for a film soundtrack, saying that if he were asked to do a project like that, “it would be amazing and more fun” than being in Guns N’ Roses.

You can check out a recap of the event, as well as the aforementioned video and audio, at Sahirftw.wordpress.com.

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