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Joe Perry: Steven Tyler’s Talk of Aerosmith’s Farewell Might Be Premature


Tim Mosenfelder/Getty ImagesIs Aerosmith really wrapping up its long career in 2017? Singer Steven Tyler says yes; guitarist Joe Perry says not so fast.

But maybe.

“I always hold my breath whenever Steven does an interview on his own,” Perry told Rolling Stone with a laugh. He added that Tyler’s assertion was merely “an option.”

But an indecisive Perry did add that odds are in favor of a farewell tour next year, as Tyler has said. “It could be the last,” he told the magazine. “But it’s really hard for me to imagine a last gig. Sorry.”

This is hardly the first time the band, formed by the duo in 1970, has broached the idea of calling it a day. They first discussed disbanding a decade ago, but Perry said it felt premature then. Yet, they’ve toyed with the idea ever since.

And this time around, the two are in the midst of pushing their own projects. Tyler is about to release his first solo album; the country-laced We’re All Somebody From Somewhere on July 15. And Perry just hit the road with The Hollywood Vampires, a supergroup with Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp; they launched their tour Friday night.

But Perry hopes that Tyler will think differently once Aerosmith regroups this fall for a short run.

“The band gets better and better,” he said. “It will probably be called the final tour, but I play every night like it’s the last show anyway. Calling it that will definitely give a different flavor to this. … And who knows what’s in the stars.”

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