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Eric Clapton Talks Mystery Musical Guest on New Album


Credit: Simon WhiteheadEric Clapton is set to release his new album, I Still Do, this Friday, which features a mystery guest whose identity has fans guessing.

Clapton’s cover of Irish songwriter Paul Brady’s ballad “I Will Be There” features vocals and guitar by a musician credited as “Angelo Mysterioso,” which die-hard fans will catch is a George Harrison reference. The late Beatles guitarist recorded the song “Badge” under the name “L’Angelo Misterioso” on Cream‘s final album, Goodbye, due to a recording conflict.

Although some have guessed that the new song was featuring unreleased guitar tracks by Harrison, in a new interview with Rolling Stone, Clapton is coy.

I’m not going to tell you. That would blow it all. The reason we did it was for business reasons, to keep the suits happy,” he said. “That’s the way George and I used to do it. And this guy liked it too. I think he felt quite honored to be allowed to use that pseudonym.”

I Still Do, which reunites Clapton with Slowhand producer Glyn Johns, features covers of songs by Bob DylanJ.J.Cale, and blues greats Robert Johnson and Skip James, as well as a version of the standard “I’ll Be Seeing You.”

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