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Dave Grohl Once Played a Duet with Taylor Swift While High at Paul McCartney’s Party


ABCBetween drumming in Nirvana and fronting Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl has a lot of stories, and the musician told a good one while playing a private acoustic performance at the Cannes Lion festival Wednesday night. Before launching into a rendition of the Foos hit “Best of You,” Grohl remembered the time he sang a duet with pop star Taylor Swift at a party hosted by Beatles legend Paul McCartney. Oh, and Grohl was high at the time.

As Grohl tells it, McCartney decided to sit down at a piano and play a new, original song during the party. After he was finished, the party-goers called for Grohl to play something. There was only one problem.

“I don’t know how to play piano,” Grohl said. “Then I look around, and Paul McCartney is left handed, so all the guitars are left-handed. S***! God, I’m screwed. What do I do?”

Actually, there was a second problem: “I maybe smoked a little pot,” Grohl admitted. “So I was already challenged enough.”

Not knowing what to do, Grohl was saved by the one and only Taylor Swift, who volunteered to play something. She sat down at the piano, and Grohl attempted to play a left-handed bass alongside her. As she started to play, Grohl began to recognize the song.

“[Swift] was playing this really beautiful thing on piano, and I look at my wife, I’m, like, ‘I know this f****** song. What the hell is this?'” Grohl remembered. “And she was f****** playing our song ‘Best of You.'”

“As if I weren’t high enough,” Grohl continued. “That f****** blew me into outer space, man.” He then joined Swift to sing a “Best of You” duet.

You can watch Grohl tell his story and perform “Best of You” now on YouTube.

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