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Trailer released for Sarajevo documentary ‘Kiss The Future’, featuring U2



new trailer has been released for the documentary Kiss the Future, which features Irish rockers U2

The film, directed by Nenad Cicin-Sain and produced by Matt DamonBen Affleck and Sarah Anthony, follows a group of underground musicians and creatives during the siege of Sarajevo, which lasted from April 1992 to February 1996, and shows how they used music and art to affect change. Their commitment prompted an aid worker to reach out to U2, and the doc includes footage of the band’s memorable 1997 concert at Koševo Stadium celebrating the country’s liberation.

The film features interviews with U2’s BonoThe Edge and Adam Clayton, as well as former President Bill Clinton, journalist Christiane Amanpour and others.

“Poets, writers, filmmakers musicians can inspire people to find the strength and courage to resist,” The Edge says in the trailer, which features the band’s song “One.” Bono adds, “Somebody said courage is grace under pressure, that’s a good definition of the people of Sarajevo.”

Kiss The Future is set to open exclusively in AMC theaters in the U.S. starting February 23. AMC will also host an early screening of the film on February 21, which will include a a prerecorded conversation with The Edge and Clayton. Tickets are on sale now at amctheatres.com.

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