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Ozzy Osbourne on Black Sabbath’s Final Show: “Just Point Me to the Stage!”


Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Tribeca Film FestivalBlack Sabbath is out on their final tour, but where will the legendary group’s final, final concert actually take place?   Even Ozzy Osbourne doesn’t know for sure.

Last week, Osbourne announced that the band’s final Ozzfest would take place in September, and would be the band’s final show in California.  As for the last time the band will take the stage, Ozzy told reporters, “It changes from week to week.”  However, he said that he’d heard that Birmingham, England — Ozzy’s hometown, where the band was formed — could be the last stop. 

“That’d be great wouldn’t it?  That’d be fabulous.  Awesome.  But it’s all Muslims there now,” Ozzy told reporters.  ABC News contacted Ozzy’s reps to clarify his comment, and they provided a statement from the singer explaining that it was simply an observation of what he sees as the evolving demographics of his hometown.

“I obviously didn’t finish my thought,” Ozzy said in the statement. “I was just making a comment about how much Birmingham has changed.  I have absolutely no problem with Muslims.”  The percentage of Muslims in Birmingham went up from 14 to 22 percent between the 2001 and 2011 census.

Ozzy says ultimately, it doesn’t matter where Black Sabbath’s final concert takes place.  He laughs, “Just point me to the stage!”

Black Sabbath’s next run of dates takes place in Europe, starting in Budapest, Hungary.

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