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Foreigner’s Kelly Hansen on the band’s many hits: “What a gift for me that is”

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Foreigner is currently on their Farewell tour, which gives frontman Kelly Hansen lots of opportunity to sing the band's range of big hits. And with so many great songs to choose from, it's no surprise he has a hard time picking a favorite.

“I've never looked at things as a best or better than, I appreciate these songs for what they are,” Hansen tells ABC Audio, noting that which song he prefers could change based on his mood, the venue, etc.

“And when we play those songs onstage, even though we might do a similar set of songs every night, all the variables will change how that song is going to feel, which will also color how you perform that song," he says.

“I like to say that I'm lucky enough to have this beautiful cornucopia of ripe songs to pick from every night,” he adds. “It's like every song is a song that everybody knows.”

And Hansen certainly knows how fortunate he is to get to perform these tunes each night. He shares, “As a singer, you couldn't possibly buy that opportunity. To be able to have a whole set of songs that everybody knows, what a gift for me that is.”

Next up, Foreigner’s Farewell tour hits Gilford, New Hampshire, on August 4, with dates confirmed through November 18 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. A complete list of dates can be found at foreigneronline.com.

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