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Elisabeth Moss pulls back the curtain on FX spy series ‘The Veil’



The Handmaid’s Tale Emmy winner Elisabeth Moss stars in FX’s new spy thriller series The Veil, debuting with two episodes on Hulu on Tuesday.

She plays Imogen Salter, an agent with the U.K.’s MI6 agency who is tasked with trying to thwart a terror attack — and yes, she performs with an English accent.

Moss tells ABC Audio, “I worked on it for six months before we started shooting. And it was difficult to drop at the end, actually.”

“It was hard to come out of because I just did it so much by the end that I found it was actually getting harder to speak in my own voice, which I’ve never had happen with an accent,” Moss expresses.

The series was something of a bucket-list check for Moss, who is a fan of the genre. “There’s a glamor to it, obviously, when you’re talking about Bond or Bourne or Mission Impossible,” Moss says.

“I’ve always wanted to do something in the spy genre. I love that genre. I love spy movies, and I’ve always wanted to play a spy,” she continues. “But here was this kind of incredibly complicated character with so many layers to her and so much to discover.”

Recalling a real-life scene at a Paris bar that would have been at home in a spy series, producer Denise Di Novi revealed how The Veil came to be. “There was a retired French intelligence officer who’d had a few too many glasses, or bottles, of wine and started sharing stories with me,” she explains.

Even between spies from allied nations “there were a lot of conflict and, animosity and competition,” she says. “My producer brain just went: ‘Ding ding ding!'” 


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