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A SEVEN-YEAR-OLD lad racked up a massive £4,000 bill on his dad’s iPad playing a dinosaur video game.
Mohamed Shugaa didn’t realise his son Faisall knew the password for his tablet computer and only found out he had been playing Jurassic World when his bank card was declined.
The 32-year-old, who owns the Sussex Carpet Centre in Crawley, West Sussex, said that when he tried to pay his suppliers his bank card was rejected as it was overdrawn.
When he checked his account he found that £3,911 had vanished from his account – with 60 separate payments to iTunes from between December 13 to December 18.
Faisall unwittingly racked up the bill paying for game upgrades and new dinosaur characters in game currency Dino Bucks – not realising he was spending real money.

Mohamed Shugaa & Faisall

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