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Green Day news: Billie Joe Armstrong defends A’s fan hit with beer; Tre Cool releases new EP with “Icelandic death metal” band


ABC/Heidi GutmanTwo Green Day members are in the news, both for reasons unrelated to Green Day.

First, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has come to the defense of his friend and fellow musician John Spencer, who attended Wednesday’s MLB wild card playoff game between his favorite team, the Oakland Athletics, and the New York Yankees. He was cheering on the A’s during the game, which was held in New York, when a Yankee fan threw a cup of beer at him

“I’ve known this kid since he was in middle school,” Armstrong posted on Instagram alongside a photo of Spencer. “His name is John and he was hit with a cup of beer by a moron at the A’s/yankee game…He was there to root for his beloved Oakland Athletics.”

“He’s also one of the most kick a** drummers I’ve ever heard and he’s been a great influence to my sons as musicians,” Armstrong added. “Let’s make him feel awesome and show him some love.”

Meanwhile, Green Day drummer Tre Cool has released a new EP with his “Icelandic death metal” band Dead Mermaids, in which he plays drums and handles lead vocals under the name Bjorn Roarkson.

The five-track collection is titled You’re Welcome, and is available now for digital download.

As for Green Day, the band has been fairly quiet this year, but they have been rehearsing some of their classic albums in full, including Dookie, Insomniac and Kerplunk, leading to speculation that some kind of anniversary tour is in the works.

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