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Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road lyrics: Bernie Taupin on selling 50 years of Elton John memorabilia


Courtesy of Julien’s AuctionsWant the ultimate Elton John souvenir? This Friday, Julien’s Auctions is selling the property of Bernie Taupin, Elton’s songwriting partner of 50 years. Gold records, handwritten lyrics for hits like “I’m Still Standing” and more are up for grabs. Initially, Bernie decided on the auction because he was moving, but then he realized it would sync up nicely with Elton’s farewell tour.

“When you downsize, you have to clean house and you just come up with all this stuff and you go, ‘Where am I gonna put this if we move?’ so that was really the reason,” he tells ABC Radio.

“But then I thought, well, it kinda makes sense because [of] Elton and [my]’s 50th [anniversary], and the tie-ins with the tour…so obviously, that’s gonna give it a bit more bang for its buck.”

And Taupin has no regrets about selling any of these precious items.

“I’m not a nostalgic person. I’m not a hoarder,” he notes, adding, “I mean, you can only leave so much to your kids!”

“I just want people to…get something out of [these things] that I probably don’t,” he explains. “They probably will get a much more nostalgic kick than I would from keeping them.”

Later this week, coinciding with the auction, Elton performs at New York’s Madison Square Garden; so far, Bernie says the farewell tour has been “very special.” But it doesn’t feel like a farewell, he says, since he and Elton plan to make new music together soon.

Taupin says the plan is for them to write and record new songs in between breaks in the tour, with an eye towards a new album “within the next year-and-a-half to two years…if not before then.”

Visit JuliensAuctions.com for prices and information about how to bid.

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