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Alice in Chains’ Jerry Cantrell calls Chris Cornell “one of the greats artists and songwriters of all time”


ABC/Randy HolmesAlice in Chains‘ new album, Rainier Fog, is a tribute to the band’s hometown of Seattle and the legendary grunge scene they came from. That scene lost a major figure when Chris Cornell died by suicide in May 2017. Speaking with Metal Hammer, AiC’s Jerry Cantrell describes what Cornell meant to him, and to Seattle.

“He’s one of the greatest artists and songwriters of all time,” Cantrell says. “Not only in my small town, but worldwide, and that always made me really proud.”

Cantrell adds that Cornell influenced him not just artistically, but personally as well.

“He set an example of how to do s*** and set an example of what not to do, and I respected that, too,” Cantrell explains. “Chris had a part in steering a direction there; you don’t need this s***, you don’t need miscellaneous bulls*** — you need the music.”

Jerry adds, “He was a very deep and emotional writer, and I feel like I have an affinity with writers like Chris. He didn’t pull any f***ing punches at all and that’s never been my style, either.”

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