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Watch Keith Richards’ 1988 solo performance of “I Wanna Be Your Man” from upcoming archival live reissue


Keith Richards has premiered a new video of him playing the 1963 John Lennon-Paul McCartney-penned Rolling Stones single “I Wanna Be Your Man” in 1988 with his solo band The X-Pensive Winos at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles.

The “I Wanna Be Your Man” cover is one of three previously unreleased performances that will appear on the deluxe box-set reissue of Richards’ 1991 Live at the Hollywood Palladium album, which is due out November 13 and can be pre-ordered now.

The video boasts onstage and backstage footage of the Stones guitarist and his backing group, which included drummer Steven Jordan, guitarist Waddy Wachtel, bassist Charley Drayton, keyboardist Ivan Neville, backing singer Sarah Dash, and saxophonist Bobby Keys.

Live at the Hollywood Palladium documents a December 15, 1988, show that Richards and The X-Pensive Winos played at the L.A. venue while on tour supporting his debut solo album, Talk Is Cheap.

Live at the Hollywood Palladium features performances of most of Talk Is Cheap’s songs and a few Rolling Stones tunes. The box set contains a remastered version of the live album on CD and two vinyl LPs, plus a 10-inch vinyl disc boasting three previously unreleased songs from the 1988 concert — “I Wanna Be Your Man,” the 1981 Stones tune “Little T&A” and the Talk Is Cheap track “You Don’t Move Me.”

The box set also features a DVD of the Live at the Hollywood Palladium concert film, a 40-page hardback book and a variety of collectible memorabilia.

Lennon and McCartney gave “I Wanna Be Your Man” to The Rolling Stones to record, and The Stones released their version as their second single in November 1963. The Beatles recorded their own version shortly thereafter, with drummer Ringo Starr singing lead.