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Roger Daltrey Says He “Really Feels Badly” for AC/DC’s Brian Johnson


David Wolff-Patrick/Redferns via Getty Images; Gary Miller/Getty ImagesThe Who‘s Roger Daltrey is no stranger to health problems, as the singer’s 2015 bout with viral meningitis forced his band to postpone its North American tour for about a half year. Now, in a new interview with Canada’s Postmedia Network, Daltrey discusses the health struggles of another legendary rock singer, AC/DC‘s Brian Johnson, who recently retired from his band after discovering that he’d risk losing his hearing if he continued to play shows in large venues.

“I mean I really feel badly for Brian,” says Roger. “It must be heartbreaking for him after all the service he’s given that band over the years.”

Daltrey also says he wasn’t happy with the way AC/DC handled the situation with regard to how quickly the band announced that it would be using a replacement singer for its rescheduled tour dates, which eventually was revealed to be Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses.

“I thought their farewell statement to the press and to Brian was fairly curt to say the least,” Roger notes. “I felt for him. That must have hurt.”

Daltrey also tells Postmedia Network that he has spoken with Johnson and says the singer has “loads of other things he wants to do in his life,” adding that he thinks “AC/DC will miss Brian much more than Brian will miss AC/DC.”

Roger says he’s known Brian for about 40 years and “he’s such a lovely guy.” He also doesn’t appear to have too high an opinion about AC/DC fronted by the Guns N’ Roses singer.

“I mean, go and see karaoke with Axl Rose? Give me a break,” Daltrey declares with a laugh.

As for how his own hearing is doing, Daltrey admits that it’s “dreadful.”

“We’re all going deaf. We’re all wearing hearing aids,” he notes. “I suggest to everybody over the age of 50 that have been going to loud concerts for years and years and years, go and have your hearing tested. You’d be surprised what you’re missing.”

The Who’s 2016 North American tour continues on Wednesday, April 27, with a concert in Toronto.

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