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Louis C.K. Explains How Paul Simon Wound Up Writing Theme Song to New Web Series


Credit: Mary Ellen MatthewsComedian Louis C.K. has had quite a successful career in recent years, with his hugely popular stand-up shows and his acclaimed FX series Louie. Perhaps his greatest accomplishments, however, is getting Paul Simon to write and perform the theme song to his new Web series Horace and Pete, which is available for purchase now exclusively at LouisCK.net.

On Thursday, Louis visited TBS’ Conan and during his interview segment he explained how he got the legendary singer/songwriter to agree to pen a tune for the project. The comedian told host Conan O’Brien that he simply wrote an email to Simon asking if he’d write a theme song to the show, as well as sing and perform it.

“He wrote back and said, ‘No,’ and I wrote again and said, ‘Please,” Louie recalled. “And he wrote back and said, ‘All right, what the hell.'”

Louie then noted that he visited Simon at his studio and, much to his surprise, found that Paul “wanted to be accommodating” with regard to how the song sounded.

“He played something, and then he’d go, ‘How is that?'” notes Louie. “He wanted to collaborate. He wanted help. You know, direction…He wanted to know my feelings about things.”

Continuing, Louie pointed out that Simon would play something on guitar that he thought sounded amazing and Paul would ask him how he felt about it, wanting him to critique it.

“I’m no use to him, ’cause I’m like, ‘That was beautiful,'” explained Louie. He added that Simon asked him to suggest how he could doing the piece differently, to which he awkwardly responded, “Just keep being great.”

Louie admitted that he eventually just made up fake suggestions like, “a little more energy in that part,” to appease Simon.

The comedian added that he sent Simon all the scripts to the 10-episode series to help give him some background to write the song.

Horace and Pete stars Louie and Steve Buscemi as brothers whose family owns a rundown bar in Brooklyn. The main cast also includes Alan Alda, Jessica Lange, Edie Falco and Steven Wright. According to HitFix, Simon makes a cameo as a patron at the bar during the 10th episode.

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