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Jon Bon Jovi joins son Jake and Millie Bobby Brown on their honeymoon


Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Netflix

Having your dad come along on your honeymoon seems like it’d put a damper on any romance, but Jon Bon Jovi‘s son Jake and Jake’s wife, Millie Bobby Brown, don’t seem to mind.

Jake and Millie, who secretly tied the knot in May, are currently on the Italian island of Sardinia, and Jon and his wife, Dorothea, have evidently tagged along, according to photos obtained by the Daily Mail and Page Six. However, the foursome seem like they’re having a great time enjoying the sun and shopping.

During an appearance on BBC’s The One Show, Jon said of the marriage, “It was a very small family wedding and the bride looked gorgeous and Jake is happy as can be.”

Speaking to The Sun in June, Jon noted that he and Dorothea have welcomed two daughters-in-law into the family: his other son, Jesse, also recently tied the knot. 

“Suddenly, your kids are married and then they’re telling you about the prospect of grandbabies … woah!” said Jon. “There’s no chapter in my book that went this far.”

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