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Gene Simmons Launches Radio Show ‘I Love It Loud’


Gene Simmons Launches Radio Show ‘I Love It Loud’
KISS star Gene Simmons launched a new radio show in the UK this week. Simmons’ new BBC Radio 2 series I Love It Loud, was named after the classic “Creatures of the Night” track.

According to the BBC, the taped series finds Simmons playing some his favorite tracks from bands like Rush, Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, and Van Halen and KISS covers from artists like Lenny Kravitz, Garth Brooks, Stevie Wonder and more.

The networks also says that later in the series, Simmons will share the stories behind some of his most noteworthy collaborations including co-writing songs with Bob Dylan and Lou Reed (whom Simmons worked with on the 1981 KISS album ‘Music From the Elder’).

Simmons had this to say about the show, “When I was a kid and I turned on the radio – sure we had American RnB and we had the American versions of Rock and Roll – but it wasn’t until I heard the Beatles, and then the Stones, and then Led Zeppelin and on and on and on that I feel in love deeply with this thing we call Rock.

“America created Rock and Roll, but it was the UK that gave the world Rock – Classic Rock. Guitars, amplifiers turned up to 11 – yes glorious 11. Louder is better. Bigger is better. You’re girlfriend has been lying to you all these years – size does matter.”

He adds, “I’m flattered that BBC Radio 2 has given me the chance to play the music that I love dearly, that I continue to play over and over again, that I introduce young people to. I

“‘ll never forget when my son, Nick, first heard Boys Are Back In Town by Thin Lizzy, he went, ‘What’s that?’ And then I played him Queen, and goes, ‘What’s that?’, and that music continues to attracts new ears generation after generation which is why its Classic – Classic Rock.”

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