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Def Leppard drops video for “Just Like 73,” featuring Tom Morello


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Def Leppard just released the video for their latest single, “Just Like 73,” featuring Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello.

The clip, which takes place in May 1973, features computer-generated younger versions of the guys in the band as they head to Earl’s Court in London, with Morello flying to the U.K. and parachuting in just in time for his guitar solo. 

Guitarist Phil Collen tells ABC Audio that director Frank Gryner didn’t base their looks on actual old footage of him and his bandmates.

“I think I did look like that around 14, you know, that was kind of interesting,” Collen says. “He kind of pretty much nailed it without even seeing the photos from then.” 

Collen says the band liked the video because it was “quaint” and “didn’t seem like it was trying too hard. 

He adds that the director also got all the details for the time right, noting, “That little bike that I’m riding is a Chopper, which all the kids had on my block and around my area in East London when I grew up.” 

And fans will soon get to hear the band play the song live. Def Leppard is set to launch their summer stadium tour with Journey July 6 in St. Louis, with the band noting, “We can’t wait to play this one for you all on the tour!”

A complete list of dates can be found defleppard.com.

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