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David Crosby Says New Solo Album, “Lighthouse,” Finds Him “Pushing the Envelope” Musically


Credit: Henry DiltzWhile his rift with Graham Nash may have put Crosby, Stills & Nash on indefinite hold, David Crosby is now focused on his solo career, and will release a new album titled Lighthouse on October 21. A new video taking a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the record, on which Crosby collaborated with Michael League of the Grammy-winning modern-jazz group Snarky Puppy, can be viewed on YouTube now.

In the clip, Crosby declares that he has a newfound passion to create fresh, original music.

“I’m tilted towards pushing the envelope,” he says. “I’m tilted towards making new stuff. I think I’m supposed to.”

Lighthouse is a collection of stripped-down, delicate and introspective songs that showcases David complex guitar work and is enhanced by his layered harmony vocals.

“I love making intricate musical tracks,” Crosby maintains. “It’s really the core of me. It has been all along.”

Crosby points out that an interesting aspect of Lighthouse is that he was responsible for the percussion on the tracks, which he says feature no drums.

“The only percussion on the entire record is this wedding ring tapping on the side of the neck of a guitar,” he reveals. “It worked extremely well. It was the right approach to the songs that we had written, and the songs were kind of written with that in mind.”

League, who produced the album, says he’s impressed by Crosby’s enthusiasm for writing new songs at this stage in his career.

“He’s hungry. He’s hunting music,” League notes. “The last year and a half has been the most prolific and inspiring period of his life.”

As for the significance of the album’s title, Crosby says Lighthouse is “the right image, and it’s definitely true to what the music says.”

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