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Chicago’s reimagining of The Who’s ‘Tommy’ breaks box office records

Rick Kern/Getty Images for The Who

A new reimagining of the musical version of The Who’s Tommy just closed at Chicago’s Goodman Theatre, and it was a rousing success.

BroadwayWorld.com reports the show’s recent run broke box office records for the venue and is now its highest-grossing production in its 98-year history. The show wrapped on August 6, with The Who’s Pete Townshend making an appearance for the final bow.

“I first saw this fantastic version of Tommy, the definitive version surely now, this afternoon,” Townshend told the audience. “So this was my second show, and it just gets better." He added, “This has been a real shock for us how stupendously this has turned out. It’s just a wonder. It’s a triumph.”

The show sold out 36 performances and was even able to land a record for number of single tickets sold. Fans came from all over to country and the world to check it out. In addition to U.S. fans, tickets were sold to people in 21 other countries.

The Chicago production of Tommy featured a cast of 28, a nine-piece band and brand new staging. So far there’s no word on whether it will play in any other cities or possibly move to Broadway.

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