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Mideast Egypt

Tourists ride a camel as they visit the historical site of the Giza Pyramids, in front of the Khafre pyramid, right, near Cairo, Egypt, Thursday, Oct. 11, 2012. Egypt reopened Khafre Pyramid to the public after extensive repair which took almost 3 years, mended cracks and installed a ventilation system to relieve the ancient structure of built-up humidity, the result of the breathing of thousands of visitors every day. Khafre, is the son of Khufu and his pyramid is the second largest pyramid, The reopening of Khafre Pyramid and six other tombs is part of the Egyptian ministry of Antiquity of reopening ancient sites as a preparation for the winter season and part of Egypt’s plan to attract visitors to boost its economy after the Egyptian Revolution of January 25th 2011. (AP Photo/Nariman El-Mofty)