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The Who’s Pete Townshend working on a new song “about guns” for band’s upcoming album


ABC RadioThe Who‘s Pete Townshend recently delivered a new online update from London’s Metropolis Studios about the sessions for the band’s upcoming album.

In his latest installment, which includes a video montage of Townshend working in the studio, he reveals that he’s been putting together a demo of a new song with producer Dave Sardy, laying down vocals and guitar.

“It’s about guns,” Townshend says with a chuckle, “which I know nothing about, apart from the fact I don’t like them much.”

During the clip, you hear an apparent snippet of the song, and some of its lyrics are shown on a computer screen. Some of the words that can be made out are: “The junkie’s on the wire/ You can arm yourself — with nukes and drones/That damn gun will misfire…Remember me/ when I am gone/I am the fool/ who got it wrong/ But one thing I said/You can rely on/That damn gun will misfire.”

The video also includes a brief instrumental snippet of a song called “Hero Ground Zero,” although it’s not clear if it’s the same tune as the gun-themed track.

Townshend is seen playing an electric 12-string and an acoustic guitar in the clip.

Meanwhile, in the text portion of the update, Pete reports that singer Roger Daltrey “is doing vocal rehearsals on the songs somewhere else.”

Townshend recently reported that The Who is hoping to complete the new album before launching its Moving On! tour May 7 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  The trek will feature an orchestra accompanying the band at each stop.

Last week, Townshend announced that his first novel, titled The Age of Anxiety, will be published on November 5.

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