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The Police’s debut album, “Outlandos d’Amour,” was released 40 years ago today


Polydor/Universal Music GroupToday marks the 40th anniversary of the release of The Police‘s debut album, Outlandos d’Amour. The record introduced the world to the U.K.-based trio — singer/bassist Sting, guitarist Andy Summers and drummer Stewart Copeland.

Outlandos d’Amour was filled with memorable tunes, most notably “Roxanne,” a romantic ode to a prostitute that became the punky, reggae-influenced group’s first U.S. top 40 hit after its re-release in 1979. Other standout tracks include “Next to You,” “So Lonely,” “Hole in My Life” and “Can’t Stand Losing You,” the latter a #2 hit in the U.K. The album only reached #32 on the Billboard 200, but went on to sell one million copies in the U.S.

Sting tells ABC Radio that Outlandos d’Amour still sounds fresh to him, something he credits to The Police’s stripped-down lineup.

“I often think that technology dates records. So if you hear a synth sound from the ’80s, you know where it’s from,” he explains. “We were just playing with guitar, bass and drums…so the records sound timeless…You know what era it’s from, but it still sounds relevant, in my opinion.”

Meanwhile, Copeland says that while recording Outlandos, he and his band mates felt confident that they’d make their mark on the music world.

“‘Of course we kick our ass. We blow our minds. We rock us,’ [we thought,]” he tells ABC Radio. “And that’s pretty much the attitude of every band, or else they quickly break up…And so, yes, in The Police we assumed, arrogantly, that we were gonna dominate and rule the world.”

As for how he and his ex-band mates plan to mark the milestone, Stewart says, “We will certainly be raising a glass to each other on this momentous…day.”

Here’s the Outlandos d’Amour track list:

“Next to You”
“So Lonely”
“Hole in My Life”
“Can’t Stand Losing You”
“Truth Hits Everybody”
“Born in the ’50s”
“Be My Girl – Sally”
“Masoko Tanga”

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