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Pete Townshend shares details about new Who tune “Detour”; says band is recording a song a day


ABC RadioAnother day, another update from Who guitarist Pete Townshend about the progress he’s making on the band’s upcoming studio album.

In his latest blog, posted on TheWho.com, Townshend recaps the fourth day of the sessions. Pete reports that he, drummer Zak Starkey and bassist Pino Palladino have “finished work on the first song, moved to the second, moved quickly through the third so now we are managing a song every day.”

Townshend writes that on a tune titled “Detour,” he plays bass harmonica. The YouTube video update posted along with the blog reveals that the last Who track on which Pete played a bass harmonica was “Join Together” in 1972.

Noting that The Who’s original name was The Detours, Townshend explains that song “Detour” is about “men needing to find new routes, new pathways, new ways to reach a decent but still honest way to approach women in our lives and our business.”

He adds, “We need to make a ‘swerve’…avoid the old ways.”

Pete also maintains that the song is “not so much an attempt to echo [the] #MeToo [movement] as an acknowledgement that it has been one of the most exciting things to happen in our business for years.”

At the end of the blog, Townshend notes that he feels The Who’s label, Polydor Records, is being very supportive and enthusiastic about the upcoming album.

Besides footage of Who members working in the studio, the video update also shows Pete chatting with the band’s former sound engineer Bob Pridden about how the success of singer Roger Daltrey‘s 2018 orchestral Tommy tour convinced him that the group should mount a similar trek this year.

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