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Nikki Sixx and PETA send letter to Texas A&M demanding end to canine muscular dystrophy tests


Courtesy Nikki Sixx/PETA Motley Crue‘s Nikki Sixx, in partnership with animal rights organization PETA, has sent a letter to Texas A&M University demanding that it ends its use of dogs in what he calls “cruel” experiments to find a cure for Duchenne muscular dystrophy, or DMD.

“A cure for muscular dystrophy must be found, but subjecting dogs to pain and misery is not the way,” Sixx says. “Given that these experiments have never produced beneficial results, TAMU’s resources are better applied elsewhere — and in a more compassionate direction.”

Sixx also points to a video distributed by PETA, which purports to show dogs from the experiments. The dogs are in cages, and appear to be sedated and drooling.

In a statement sent to Rolling Stone, Texas A&M denies any wrongdoing or cruelty, and accuses PETA of taking the video out of context. The university disputes PETA’s characterization of the food the dogs were fed as “gruel,” and says instead that it is “of the highest nutritional value.”

One dog in the video is seen with food all over her face, while another is shown heavily drooling. The first dog, Texas A&M says, is “one of the happiest dogs here,” and is just a “messy eater.” As for the second dog, the university says she had just come out of anesthesia following a cardiac MRI, which explains her drowsy behavior.

As for the reason for using dogs in the test, Texas A&M says “Research has proven that the version of DMD in dogs — more than any other animal — closely mimics the human version of the disease.”

“Whatever helps humans with the disease, also helps the dogs with the disease,” the statement reads. “Remember, DMD also impacts dogs and a numerous breeds have been naturally born with the disease.”

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