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Moody Blues to released three-LP colored-vinyl version of “Live at the BBC” collection


Polydor/UMeThe archival Moody Blues album Live at the BBC: 1967–1970, which originally was issued digitally and as a two-CD set in 2007, is now making its global vinyl debut. It’ll come out as a limited-edition three-LP collection on April 26.

Each of the release’s three LPs will be pressed onto a different color 180-gram vinyl disc: Disc one is light blue; disc two is dark blue; and disc three is yellow. The individually numbered collection can be pre-ordered now.

Live at the BBC features 41 Moody Blues performances from various BBC radio and TV programs between 1967 to 1970. Among the well-known songs featured on the album: “Nights in White Satin,” “Ride My See-Saw,” “Tuesday Afternoon,” “Gypsy,” “Legend of a Mind” and “Question.”

Multiple versions of quite a few tunes appear on Live at the BBC, since The Moody Blues played the same songs on different BBC shows.

The album also includes eight performances from a December 17, 1969, appearance on a BBC Live in Concert special.

Here’s the full track list of The Moody Blues’ Live at the BBC: 1967–1970 three-LP set, along with the BBC show on which the band appeared and the date of each performance:

LP 1 (light blue vinyl):

Side A
“Fly Me High” (The Saturday Club, 5/9/67)
“Don’t Let Me Be Understood” (The Saturday Club, 5/9/67)
“Love and Beauty” (Easybeat, 9/20/67)
“Leave This Man Alone” (Easybeat, 9/20/67)
“Peak Hour” (Easybeat, 9/20/67)
“Nights in White Satin” (Dave Symonds, 11/6/67)
“Fly Me High” (Dave Symonds, 1/1/68)
“Twilight Time (Evening)” (Dave Symonds, 1/1/68)

Side B
“Dr. Livingstone, I Presume” (Dave Symonds, 7/5/68)
“Voices in the Sky” (Dave Symonds, 7/5/68)
“Ride My See-Saw” (Top Gear, 7/16/68)
“Voices in the Sky” (Top Gear, 7/16/68)
“Dr. Livingstone, I Presume” (Top Gear, 7/16/68)
“Peak Hour” (Afternoon Pop Show, 10/7/68)
“The Best Way to Travel” (Top Gear, 7/16/68)

LP 2 (dark blue vinyl):

Side A
“Tuesday Afternoon” (Afternoon Pop Show, 10/7/68)
“Ride My See-Saw” (Afternoon Pop Show, 10/7/68)
“Lovely to See You” (Top Gear, 2/18/69)
“Never Comes the Day” (Top Gear, 2/18/69)
“To Share Our Love” (Top Gear, 2/18/69)
“Send Me No Wine” (Top Gear, 2/18/69)
“So Deep Within You” (Tony Brandon, 4/2/69)
“Lovely to See You” (Tony Brandon, 4/2/69)

Side B
“House of Four Doors” (Colour Me Pop, 9/14/68)
“Nights in White Satin” (Tom Jones Show, 5/31/68)
“The Morning: Another Morning” (Tom Jones Show, 5/31/68)
“Ride My See-Saw” (Colour Me Pop, 9/14/68)
“Dr. Livingstone, I Presume” (Colour Me Pop, 9/14/68)

LP 3 (yellow vinyl):

Side A
“Voices in the Sky” (Colour Me Pop, 9/14/68)
“The Best Way to Travel” (Colour Me Pop, 9/14/68)
“Visions of Paradise” (Colour Me Pop, 9/14/68)
“The Actor” (Colour Me Pop, 9/14/68)
“Gypsy” (BBC Live in Concert, 12/17/69)
“The Sun Set” (BBC Live in Concert, 12/17/69)
“Never Comes the Day” (BBC Live in Concert, 12/17/69)

Side B
“Are You Sitting Comfortably” (BBC Live in Concert, 12/17/69)
“Poem: The Dream” (BBC Live in Concert, 12/17/69)
“Have You Heard” (BBC Live in Concert, 12/17/69)
“Nights in White Satin” (BBC Live in Concert, 12/17/69)
“Legend of a Mind” (BBC Live in Concert, 12/17/69)
“Question” (Lulu TV, 8/29/70)

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