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Lindsey Buckingham is now suing Fleetwood Mac over his ouster from the band


Dia Dipasupil/Getty ImagesAfter telling Rolling Stone recently that he was fired from Fleetwood Mac because of conflicts Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham has now filed a lawsuit against the band, seeking compensation for money he would’ve earned during the group’s current tour.

According to documents obtained by ABC Radio, the suit, filed Tuesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, charges the band with “breach of fiduciary duty,” “breach of oral contract” and “intentional interference with prospective economic advantage,” among other complaints.

In the suit, Buckingham claims that he’d asked Fleetwood Mac to push the start of its 2018 tour back from August to November so he could release and promote a solo album.  When his band mates refused, he postponed his solo project for a year so he could take part in the trek.

However, Lindsey alleges, in January 2018, the group’s manager told him the tour was off — but he soon learned that the group planned to hit the road without him.

In a statement shared with ABC Radio, Buckingham says, “Last January, Fleetwood Mac made the decision to continue to tour without me. I remain deeply surprised and saddened, as this decision ends the beautiful 43-year legacy we built together.”

“Over the last eight months, our many efforts to come to an agreement have unfortunately proved elusive,” he continues. “I’m looking forward to closure, and will always remain proud of all that we created.”

Nicks, Mick Fleetwood, Christine McVie and John McVie are all parties in the suit.

In response to the lawsuit, Fleetwood Mac sent its own statement to Rolling Stone maintaining that the band can’t comment since they haven’t seen the complaint. The note continues that it “makes one wonder what the true motivations are when servicing press first with a legal complaint before the parties in dispute.”

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