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If We Mess Up – You Get Paid!


It’s a No Repeat November on Classic Rock 99.5!

Each Weekday from 9am-5pm, for each separate week in November, we will not play the same song by the same artist!

If we do, CALL US OUT! If you’re right, we’ll hook you up with $99.50!

Just call us at 712-239-2995 and tell us about what day/time you already heard the song play, we’ll look it up and if you are the first one right, YOU GET PAID!


  1. Song must be played between the hours of 9am-5pm local time
  2. Song must be sung by the same artist
  3. If song starts before 8:55am -8:59am and merges into 9am hour (ex. 9:01am) it does not qualify