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David Bowie’s son reveals the creative team he’d like to see make a movie about his dad


David Bowie and Duncan Jones (George Pimentel/WireImage)David Bowie‘s son, Duncan Jones, hasn’t given his blessing to the upcoming film Stardust — about what finspired his dad to create his famous Ziggy Stardust persona — but he does have ideas about what kind of Bowie-themed movie project he would support.

Jones, an acclaimed director himself, wrote on his Twitter feed Thursday, “If [American Gods and Sandman writer Neil Gaiman] wanted to write something using dad’s characters, and [Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse co-director Peter Ramsey] and his team wanted to make it as an animated film, I would urge everyone on my end to pay attention and give the pitch serious consideration.”

Duncan’s post got the attention of both Gaiman and Ramsey. Neil responded by tweeting, “You are the best. Thank you,” while Peter, while noting that he’s “a huge Bowie fan,” agreed with another Twitter user who suggested that Jones himself should direct a movie about his father.

However, Jones insisted in a follow-up tweet to Ramsey that he wasn’t “the right person to make” such a film.

“My perspective is far too uniquely subjective and personal,” he wrote. “If something like this were to happen, I would want artists like you and Neil to do it, & I would stay completely out of the way, cheerleading with all my heart.”

Duncan then gushed about Ramsey’s recent work, writing, “You are on the wave right now. Everything is yours for the asking. You have choices upon choices… but if you will, consider it. I think you could make something… as special as what you just accomplished with Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.”

He added, “It could make for a pretty wonderful celebration of his life and work. If the two of you want to take this forward, you know where I am. ;)”

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