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Dave Grohl tells Jimmy Kimmel about “the most amazing experience” jamming with Prince


ABC/Adam TaylorDave Grohl has enjoyed an incredible career, but the Foo Fighters frontman said on Thursday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! it was hard to beat that time he got to jam with Prince

Before promoting CalJam 2018, Grohl launched into the story about time he met Prince when the icon was performing at The Forum in Los Angeles. Grohl was asked to meet and perform with Prince on stage, but said he refused because he was “hammered.” After the show, however, the pair set a loose date to jam. When Prince hadn’t called with details, Grohl decided to just show up during Prince’s sound check. 

“There was no one there. It was an empty room,” Grohl explained. “I walked out in the middle of the arena and he sees me and he says, ‘What are you doing here?’…’Oh, I thought we were going to jam, Prince.'”

After the awkward encounter, Grohl slid behind the drums and the two played “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin.

Unfortunately, it was the only time Grohl got to jam with Prince but it certainly made an impression.  “It was, I swear to god, it was the most amazing experience on my entire life,” Grohl said.

Later in the interview, Grohl talked about his new project — a short film, Play, which features him playing seven instruments at once in a “really freaky mushroom trip.” He told Kimmel that he created the film because he was inspired by his children learning to play music. 

“I couldn’t help but think about my kids who are musicians and watching them challenge themselves and really try to push themselves and learn new stuff,” Grohl said. “You never lose that as a musician. It’s a lifelong obsession. 

Play will be released August 10.

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