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Clippers’ Patrick Beverley: Death of close friend ‘hits home’


Patrick Beverley was sitting in the back of the LA Clippers’ bus on the way to practice Tuesday when he couldn’t hold the pain and grief in any longer. Tears began streaming down Beverley’s face. It’s been just over three weeks since Beverley lost one of his best friends, Davaris Davis, who was shot and killed in Chicago on July 20. For the first time since briefly leaving the Clippers and the NBA campus on July 21, Beverley spoke to ESPN about the death of his close friend and how the loss has made him want to try to do more for at-risk youth in his home city of Chicago. Police said Davis, 31, was shot in the abdomen and arm, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Beverley hasn’t stopped grieving since. “I cried on my way to practice on the back of the bus, man,” Beverley told ESPN. “It makes me just want to hurry up and win my championship — understanding that I have to go through every process and phase [to get] that while being fortunate to be out here.