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Classic Rock Eliminator of Prizes




99 minutes of massage
99 blank CDs
99 reams of copy paper
99 gallons of gas
99 minutes of snow removal
99 first class stamps
99 minutes of lawn service
$99 FedEx service
99 batteries (C-D-AAA-AA)
99 hours of Google Play movies
99 Energy Drinks
99 minutes home computer help
99 one pound packages of hamburger
99 Whoppers
99 rolls of pennies
99 minutes of house cleaning
99 days of free cable tv
Monthly Car Wash
Monthly Tire Pressure Checks
99 blank recordable DVDs
Monthly Tire Rotations
99 Furnace Filters
One Year oil changes
99 Car fragrance Little Trees
Monthly pizza deliveries for a year
$99 in dry cleaning
99 Post-It Note pads
99 Computer screen wipes
99 Home garbage bags (33 Gallon)
99 feet of mini Christmas lights
99 feet of Christmas wrapping paper
99 feet of Christmas Ribbon
Monthly Sportclips MVP haircut for a year
Old Chicago
Square Tire
Marcus Lumber
Midwest Honda
Mobile Image
Hotopp Jewelry & Gifts
Construction Plus
Bargain Bedding
Studio 83
Miller Brothers Furniture
Gutter Cleaning for your home
Six Month NutriSystem Membership
Muskies Tickets for season home games
REO Speedwagon autographed LP
Guest host Southern Fried Friday
2018 Adventureland Family passes(4)/$99 gas money
Big Daddy & Rita for breakfast one AM.
Classic Rock 99.5 MP3 Music Collection
Shake It Up..Morning coffee for a year
Anthem tickets for 2 for KKMA shows
Game of Thrones DVDs – sword lessons
BCU sports tickets for 2018
Sioux City Explorers season tickets and $99 hot dog money
Car Makeover w/fuzzy dice & touchscreen radio
Use or Loose it heath club membership
$995 to your favorite charity
$995 cash money
Talk To Me!…Alexa for your home
AC/DC For Me…portable home generator
Be Like Clapton – Music library, guitar and lessons
Family Portait Package
Touch of Grey library and counseling
BedRoom makeover from Studio 427
401k counseling and $500 to start
One hour your choice Classic Rock 99.5
Break That Habit – hypnosis sessions
Health Check – physical and vaccinations
Lie dectector exam for your choice person
Cord Cutter Special – Hulu & Netflix for a year
Girl Power – monthly limo, dinner and makovers for 6
Case of Boone’s Farm and Apple iPad mini
PotterMania – Harry Potter film collection and magic lessons
Rock Reality-VR rig and games
Les Dudek autographed LP
ABN wristbands for four TFN….
Guaranteed appearance on CR Biker Calendar
Bings for a Year!…weekly baskets of Cherry Bings
Couch Potato Special – Roku or Chromecast for all your TVs
ROCK IT- tickets for all Battery Park shows KKMA hosts
Ring It! – Ring security system