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CCR launches 50th anniversary celebration with debut of its first official video, for “Fortunate Son”


Jim Marshall/Craft RecordingsThis year marks the 50th anniversary of Creedence Clearwater Revival, and the band launched a celebration of the milestone today with the release of its first-ever official video, a newly created clip for the band’s classic 1969 protest anthem “Fortunate Son.”

In the original song, frontman John Fogerty criticizes the Vietnam War-era issue of the draft and the differences between how wealthy people and poorer citizens are treated in the U.S.

The video celebrates the diversity and spirit of working class Americans, and features footage of people of different ethnicities, cultures and ages dancing, driving their vehicles, working and enjoying recreational activities in various locations across the country.

The video was directed by John Fee, who took a road trip to capture footage of people in states like Florida, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, California, Washington and Hawaii.

Some of the people in the clip are shown holding up signs they created with the “Fortunate Son” lyric “It ain’t me.”

“For me, protest right now is just showing pure positivity in the face of division and anger.” explains Fee. “I wanted to highlight the community and positivity that everybody shares…I wanted to show what America feels like when you actually hit the road and drive throughout the states.”

You can watch the “Fortunate Son” video at Creedence Clearwater Revival’s official YouTube channel and at the newly launched website CCR50.com.

CCR’s 50th anniversary celebration will continue in the coming months with a variety of events, products and media features.

The group’s current label, Craft Recordings, is also planning to deliver a special release this fall. In addition, fans will be encouraged to visit CCR50.com and the band’s social media sites to share their memories and thoughts about Creedence.

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